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dying industrial town

чувак из Шахтерска Донецкой обл. рассказывает американцам об ужасах своего городка. Те ужасаются и аплодируют.

типичный пассаж:

If somebody died on the street, nobody cares. Yesterday some sick guy bruised his girlfriend right under my windows in the middle of the day. She screamed for help for about an half hour. I tried to yell on the guy to stop him, but he didn't give a shit. I could play a Knight in a Shine Armor and get a cut in a stomach. I could call a police, but we don't call them, we scared of police. They do things with people, that even villain don't do.

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russian industrial town?

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вiн пише що рiзницi немаэ мiж У та Р